Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ronnie and Joseph Stabler Video Biography

Video Biography of Ronnie & Joseph Stabler in Beverly Hills: I really enjoyed meeting Ronnie and Joe Stabler and their kids. I was very impressed with their total dedication to family and the important values they have instilled in their children and grandchildren. Here are links to the Video Biography of Ronnie & Joseph Stabler:

Guest Speaker at Lake Washington Technical College

RJ was asked to be the guest speaker at the Final Cut Pro class at Lake Washington Technical College. The students had a lot of terrific questions and seemed very interested in learning about how to do video biographies. To learn more about the Lake Washington Technical College, go to

Happy Birthday, Luke Kim

Our good friend Dr. Luke Kim just celebrated his 80th birthday with friends and family at his home in Seal Beach, California. Luke and Grace Kim are wonderful people who helped RJ McHatton with his documentary "Ship of Miracles." Here is a link to the movie trailer for "Ship of Miracles documentary" ( WATCH VIDEO) and here is a movie trailer to the video biography of Luke and Grace Kim. ( WATCH VIDEO). I will never forget the day I met Luke and Grace Kim. That moment changed my life forever. They have taught me that the meaning of life is to really help others.

Chuck Shelton - Motivational Speaker

We are proud to be working with author and keynote speaker Chuck Shelton on several videos from speaches he has made all across the country. Here is a link to one of the videos we edited for Chuck Shelton: CLICK HERE

True Benefits client Testimonial Video


We had a great time and learned a lot during the making of the True Benefits client testimonial video. You can watch the video by CLICKING HERE. To learn more about True Benefits, go to

Bombardier Business Jets Presents

Bombardier LearJet
Bombardier Business Jets Presents
Have you ever been inside a Lear Jet? While we were down in Southern California for the Legends of Aviation event, we were commissioned by Bombardier Lear Jet Business Jets to make two short videos. One video was about the terrific VIP Private Party that was held in some hangars near Clay Lacy Aviation in Van Nuys. The party was awesome. The hangars were full of incredible array of Lear Jets and lots of interesting people. I was totally amazed at the great library of cool photos of celebrities who have owned Lear Jets. Danny Kaye, Frank Sinatra. Some of the most cool people of all time!
Here is the link so you can watch the Bombardier Presents Clay Lacy PARTY VIDEO.
The second video Bombardier asked us to make was about the Legends of Aviation event itself.
Thanks to Bombardier Business Jets and Clay Lacy Aviation for the opportunity to make these videos.

Haas Foundation Art Contest Celebration

Haas Foundation Art Contest
The Haas Foundation Art Contest Finalists at the Seattle Aquarium
We are proud to be working with the Haas Foundation to create a video which includes interviews with several attendees and the teenage finalists for their annual Art Contest. The theme for the Art Contest this year was "Parity." The annual fundraising breakfast was located at the Seattle Aquarium. What an awesome place to have a breakfast! Have some great food, donate to a great cause, recognize the achievements of several kids and teachers, and then go look at octopus' and fish and turtles. It was a terrifc experience. To learn more about the Haas Foundation go to

Lakeside Center for Autism

Lakeside Autism
RJ visits Lakeside Center for Autism
As a documentary filmmaker, I am very lucky to be able to meet some of the most interesting people in the world. This past week I went to the Lakeside Center for Autism to record documentary footage of their work for a short video. The Lakeside Center for Autism is a finalist for the Eastside Business Award recognized by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. I spent a couple hours at Lakeside and recorded some very cool kids having a terrific time while learning, too. I really bonded with those kids. They made me feel so special. To learn more about the Lakeside Center for Autism, go to
To learn more about the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce and the Eastside Business Awards, go to

Harbor Club 50th Anniversary video documentary

Harbor Club Olympic Dining Room
Harbor Club 50th Anniversary Video Documentary
Inventive Productions is proud to have been commissioned to create and produce a documentary about the History of the Harbor Club in Seattle for the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration scheduled for June 18th. We are travelling to homes and offices of some of Seattle's most interesting people who are recalling their fond memories of the Harbor Club. Over the past 50 years some of the biggest business deals and small intimate family weddings have all happened at the Harbor Club. From the movers and shakers of Seattle's financial district to the Maritime Industry leaders, the Harbor Club has been host to some of the most important dignitaries ever to visit the great city of Seattle. From Danny Kaye to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's son Elliott, from Nelson Mandela to the Premier of China. We are very proud to be able to help capture the memories of this great institution. To learn more about the upcoming 50th Anniversary of The Harbor Club go to

Easter Wedding in Seattle

The Dwyer Wedding
A Beautiful Easter Wedding in Seattle
RJ McHatton and the Inventive Productions Team were commissioned by Stacy Kvam and SK Wedding and Event Design of Seattle to shoot and produce a unique documentary film about the wedding of two wonderful people from Moscow who were gettting married in Seattle on Easter Day. For the first time in many years Easter Sunday was landing on the same day for many different kinds of religions. That is why Elena and James chose to be married on Easter Sunday. Family and friends from all across the globe travelled to Seattle for this joyous event. Like a cinema verite movie or more like a classic Fellini movie with such interesting characters, our documentary of the wedding day experience turned out to be a real life magical moment. You can see the Dwyer Wedding Movie Trailer by CLICKING HERE.

Jennie Sun Family History project

The Sun Family
The Jennie Sun Family History Project
It's been a true pleasure working closely with Jennie Sun to create a video biography of her late husband's life. This historical video has been a great journey through Jennie's memories of her life with her husband, coming to America as immigrants from China, working their way through medical schools and residencies, raising a family, achieving success, and then dealing with the illness of her spouse until his death. Now Jennie is a enjoying her role as grandmother and hoping her video memories will help future generations understand their unique life.

Marne Mercer Video Biography

Marne and Maxine Mercer
Marne and Maxine Mercer
It was a lot of fun meeting Marne Mercer at his home in Silverton, Oregon. His son Lee Mercer has been a long time friend of mine. Lee asked me to make a video biography of Marne for his upcoming birthday. Marne is a great guy and a man of true integrity, wit, wisdom, and character. Here is a short sample from the Video Biography of Marne Mercer CLICK HERE.

Biography of a Town--Bucoda, Washington

Bucoda Baseball Team
Bucoda, Washington Baseball Team
We are proud to be the producers of a new documentary film about the history of the town of Bucoda, Washington, located near Tenino. The film was produced for the exciting Centennial celebration which included a terrific parade. You can see a short sample of our film by CLICKING HERE. You can see a short video of the Centennial parade by CLICKING HERE. We are excited about this new idea of creating a Video Biography of a Town. We hope to make more of these kinds of projects in the future.

Storytellers Campfire

Storytellers Campfire Live in Manson, WA
We had an awesome experience driving to Manson, WA to shoot a day and night live radio show for the Storytellers Campfire Radio Show, which promotes literacy. It reminded me of our very own Prairie Home Companion here in the Northwest. We met poets, musicians, and authors. It was a wonderful time and we really were impressed with the authors, and the guest hosts including Barbara Parsons. Produced by Lady Selah SuJuris. To learn more about Storytellers Campfire, go to

Steve Berman

Steve Berman
RJ McHatton with attorney Steve Berman
RJ was asked to interview Seattle attorney Steve Berman of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro for a new documentary being made by award-winning director Joan Sekler about the war crimes commited by coal mining companies in Bougainville, New Guinea. Its been said that James Cameron got the idea for his movie Avatar from the story of the people in Bougainville. To learn more about Joan Sekler go to

Pork in the Pines BBQ Competion and Music Festival 2010

Pork in the Pines
Chente Benevides & Winners of BBQ Competition at the 2010 Pork in the Pines Event in Cle Elum, WA
We were proud to be the official Videographer and Marketing Consultant for the first annual Pork in the Pines BBQ Competition and Music Festival. With nearly twenty bands and tons of vendors and BBQ competitors, this was a lot of fun. And the weather was awesome, too. You can see video clips of the event at

Lynn Tilton - CEO of Patriarch Partners & MD Helicopters

I really enjoyed and was moved by my interview with Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners and MD Helicopters. Lynn has dedicated her life to helping others through social entrepreneurship. It was an amazing experience learning how this single mom could build an empire by saving classic American brands and keeping the jobs here in America. It was fun flying in her helicopter over Hoover Dam, too.