Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tom Cruise - John Travolta - Living Legends of Aviation

Here are some pictures I took from the Living Legends of Aviation event in Beverly Hills.

Nice article in Puget Sound Business Journal

Nice Article in Puget Sound Business Journal about Inventive Productions
Interview with Cliff Robertson

Academy Award winning actor and Legend of Aviation Cliff Robertson with RJ.

I really enjoyed meeting Cliff and he did a super job in the interview.
We talked for about two hours about his life and times. About his time as a Merchant marine and time in the Service during WWII and Korea. He talked about his early days as a journalist, a private detective, as an aviator, and then his career in Hollywood as a leading man. Cliff told about how President John Kennedy personally chose Cliff to play the Kennedy hero in the film "PT-109." Cliff talked about his winning the Oscar for a film he personally produced, "Charly." I really enjoyed my time with Cliff Robertson. It was a remarkable experience for me.

Living Legends of Aviation 2010

Living Legends of Aviation 2010

By moviedream

We are proud to be the official Producer of the “Living Legends of Aviation” video project for the second year in a row. This is a very cool project because within a short thirty days we are charged to create seven to ten video biographies of some true American heroes. This year we travelled all over to capture the interviews. It was a true honor to make these videos.
Since we are going to be offering the Living Legends videos as a DVD set or possible new television series, we are not going to be showing the videos on Youtube or other internet video sites for now.
Since you are a special friend or family of Inventive Productions, we have put together special private links to these videos.


Kurt Russell

Buzz Aldrin

Elon Musk

Joe Clark

Flown West

Kermit Weeks

Tom Cruise--Top Gun 25th Anniversary

Tom Hanks & Kurt Russell interview

Tom Hanks stopped in during my interview with Kurt Russell

Here is Kurt Russell during our interview

Kurt Russell with RJ

I was there in Southern CA to interview Kurt Russell for the upcoming Living Legends of Aviation video project.

Kurt was being recognized for his role as mentor who inspired many people to get into aviation and flying.

We started the interview with Kurt at his hangar and he did a wonderful interview. Suddenly we had a visitor.

It was Tom Hanks. It was a lot of fun that day. Then Kurt offered to take us for a ride in his plane. We flew

all over the beaches of Malibu and above the Pacific Palisades. The sun was shining. It was a terrific day.

Here is a link to the video I made about Kurt Russell and his love of flying:


Jack Huyler - Thacher School

Interview with Jack Huyler

RJ with Jack Huyler at Thacher School

We drove to Ojai, California to interview Jack Huyler at the Thacher School where
John Myers went to school as a child. John Myers and Howard Hughes graduated
in the same class at Thacher. Jack was a life long friend of John Myers. We interviewed
Jack for my new documentary "Flying Man: Life and Times of John Myers."

To learn more about this documentary, go to www.flyingmandocumentary.com

Kent Kresa - Chairman of GM, Northrop

Interview with Kent Kresa

Kent Kresa is the former Chairman of General Motors and Northrop Grumman.
I interviewed Kent about his memories of Johnny Myers for my documentary
"The Flying Man: Life and Times of John Myers." Kent is a great guy and he
is a real visionary about the future of aviation and space travel.
To learn more about this documentary, go towww.flyingmandocumentary.com

Bob Hoover Interview

Interview with Bob Hoover

Bob Hoover is considered one of the greatest living aviators. He did a super interview
talking about his good friend Johnny Myers and several of the other Legends of Aviation.
He talked about Sam Williams, Hank Beaird, and Dee Howard.

Buzz Aldrin - Astronaut

Buzz Aldrin – Astronaut

By moviedream

Interview with Buzz Aldrin

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin with RJ McHatton

It was fantastic interviewing Buzz Aldrin about his life and times. He is a man

with determination and focus on the future. Buzz gave a terrific two hour interview

about his childhood, his school years, his time in the service as a fighter pilot,

his time in the service as a fighter pilot, his shooting down two MIGs in the Korean War,

his time as an astronaut, and a great deal of great stories about his life since Apollo.

Buzz totally focuses on inspiring us to not give up on Space Exploration.

He feels we should skip the moon and head straight to Mars. He is a great, enthusiastic inspiration.

Here is a link to the video I made about Buzz Aldrin for the Living Legends of Aviation.


Let me know what you think of my video.