Friday, February 6, 2009

Richard Branson & Harrison Ford--Red Carpet Interviews

Sir Richard Branson and Harrison Ford win Legends of Aviation Award

I really had a great time meeting so many Legends of Aviation at the 6th Annual celebration to honor the incredible heroes of aviation. Robert DalColletto and I were fortunate to be able to interview several of the Legends as the entered the private Legends area of the event. Here are just a few of the Legends we met that evening.

Julie Clark

James Raisbeck

The Girls

Dr. Forrest Bird

Harrison Ford

Clay Lacy

Sir Richard Branson

Gordy Graham - exciting new videos in production

Gordon Graham

I am so proud and excited to be producing several new videos for Gordy Graham.  Gordy has been a hero of mine for over twenty years.  We are working on several new video projects including a great new video about Relationships.  Gordon is a nationally known motivational speaker and expert on the concept of change.  For more info about Gordy, go to