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Paul Hunsberger interned at Tahoma National Cemetery

Paul Hunsberger served for over 27 years as a Chaplain in the US Army.
He served at D-Day in World War II, in the Korean War, and in the Vietnam War.


Year in the Life 2009

Here is a short outline of a Year in the Life of a Video Biographer.

RJ’s Memories from 2009 :

January 2009

Bertheau 50th Anniversary video

VHP Frank Meyers interview

VHP Jon Koenig interview

VHP Gordon Perin interview

VHP Alfred Bentley interview

VHP William Neubauer interview

VHP Brian Sweet interview

VHP Greg Shaw interview

VHP James Taylor interview

Martie Johnson interview

Bob Hoover, aviator interview

Linden Blue interview

Wes & Lou Meyers interview

Tony Bill interview

Barron Hilton interview

Robert Moeller interview

Herb Blanchard interview

Fumiko Hayashida, interview 99 year old Japanese interned during WWII

Heather Trescares interview

Thomas Berhausen interview

Angie Lepley interview
Patti Payne Voice Over

Clay Lacy interview

Luke and Grace Kim interview

Entirenet shoot for Microsoft

Marilyn Fergusson 84th Birthday interviews

Legends Red Carpet interview

June and John Kneepkens interview

Amy McIntosh on American Idol

February 2009

Eric Overton interview

Stan Selden interview

Eileen Mintz died

Eastside Heritage Center interviews

Bert Gregory interview

Rick Peterson interview

Barb and Bob Balkema interview

Chris Pappas interview

Christian Chabot interview

Kathryn Flynn interview

Linda Kay Porlier interview

Heather Fallon edit Leo the Liberator

Leo Hymas interview

Steve Gandara

American Cancer Society shoot

Paula Ortega interview

Mike O’Brien interview

McMahon edit

Pat Duffy edit

Magda died

Jason WWE

Nashville Project edit

Dataweb edit

Schneider National shoot in Green Bay

Dottie Simpson interview

Village Theater shoot

March 2009

Thomas Barghausen interview

Eastside Heritage Center event

Kelly Noonan interview

Michael O’Brien interview

Carolyn Schwager died

SeaSalt interview

Tom Varga interview

Doug Ikagami interview

Dave Johnson Elite interview

Dan Greenshields interview

Shari Marion Huff interview

Bob and Jackie Pappas interview

Robert Dal Colletto shoot

Gabe & Rick – Happy CPAs

Mark Dedomenico, PRO Sports Club interview

Dottie and Anne Simpson interview

Jason and Crissy meet birth aunt Carol

Carlos Veliz PCSI interview

David Zook, Tutoring Club interview

Rick Locke, Dataweb interview

Pedro Castro, Magellan Architects interview

Kevin Goodwin, Sonosite, interview

"At Work" interview

Nashville edit

April 2009

Tony Cheng, Netstar interview

Pathway Medical interview

Scott Fergusson, Barclay Dean interview

Eastside Baby Corner interview

General Jack Dailey, Smithsonian, interview

Chester Springs visit with Ron and Tom McHatton

Gettysburg with Jimy and uncle Tom

Smithsonian National Air &Space Museum, Dulles Airport, shoot planes

Arlington National Cemetery – Jimy White’s parents shoot

Iwo Jima Memorial shoot

Joe Denver VHP in Philadelphia interview

Schneider National in Bedford, PA interviews

Dara Khosowahai, Expedia interview

Intellius interview

Carla at Talyst interview

Long Creek visit with my Mom

Bob Gillespie Voice Over

Pat Duffy family videos

Village Theater interviews

Bob Cremin, Esterline interview

George Schaeffer, Puget Sound Security interview

FMSC conference shoot

Sonosite trip to Miami, Fairmont Turnball, 30+ interviews

Cuban food

Key Largo

RJ guest speaker at PVANPRO

Woodman Lodge shoot

Ben Wiener interview

Leo Hymas interview

Pat Bates interview

May 2009

Kate Taylor Non Profit Shoot for Bruce McCaw

Anne Kim interview

Mariners game with Virdenna and Jason

John and Dave O’Brien interview

Ben Wiener interview

Linda Kay Porlier interview

Ron Tate interview

Grace Ellworth video resume

Steve at Village Theater interview

Paula Ortega interview

Trip to San Francisco

Zoe Dell Nutter interview

Guy Townsend interview

Ron Gifts interview

Trip to Eagle Crest

Bud Hawk Birthday

Seabees Documentary

June 2009

Becky Taylor interview

Jun Young, Microsoft interview

Alice Tsuku interview

Andrea Heuston, Artitudes interview

Dennis Burback for Grace interview

Richard Locke interview

Patti Payne Voice Over

Oren Barker VHP interview

Sharon Mooers interview

Ed Leaf died

Ship of Miracles article front page Seoul Times

Vblog 1

Virdenna Friends of Youth

Relay for Life

Melinda Partin interview

Mike Nakamura interview

Cathy Crosslin interview

Steve for Grace interview

Charlie gets married

Leo the Liberator interview

GDR trailer

Nicole Gelpi interview

Virdenna’s birthday party

Tom James interview

Drive to Spokane

LeRoy Nosbaum, Itron interview

Pam and Dr. Forrest Bird interview

The Duke Room

July 2009

Cathy Crosslin workshop shoot

Vanna audition for movie shoot

Balkema shoot

Michelle Knudsen interview

Gordy Graham Transitions interview

Harold Knudsen interview

Janice Merriweather interview

Clay Lacy interview

Bill Tilley interview

Paul Thayer interview

J. Paul Getty Museum

Visit with Kenny Stein

Peter Allen interview

Eric Rhodes interview

Tom Jones interview

Carroll Shelby interview

Lissa Wolfe interview

Cathy Crosslin National Anthem

Bill Peare Golf Tourney

Artitudes shoot

Gordy Graham interview

Scott O’Brien interview

Jim’s Auto TV commercial

Drive to Long Creek

Family gathering and funeral

Patty McHatton “Longest Runway in the World” interview

Joe Cardiff Spanish Voice Over

August 2009

Dave Lockwood Memorial

Bob Frause interview

Patrick Tessier, Northwest Laboratories interview

Howard Chermak interview

BDA interview

Tricia, Commercial Brokers interview

Tom Varga, CFO interview

Bob Berntson interview

Rick Head, interview

Schuster Commercial interview

Marty Schillaci, The Resource Group interview

Charlie Liekweg, AAA interview

Brian Haner interview

Edgar Martinez interview

GVA Kidder Mathews interview

Moss Adams interview

Lane Powell interview

Joan Duffell Committee for Children interview

Dressler Columbia Bank interview

David Victor, Seneca Group interview

Foster Pepper interview

Casey Sheldon, Weber Shandrick interview

Patrick Young at Wells Fargo, interview

Curt Carlson, Propel Insurance interview

Group Health interviews

John Rubino interview

Cameron Green interview

John Hempelmann interview

Chuck Grouws interview

Jim Rogers & Tracy at Rogers Norman Insurance interview

Ben, Matt and Steve interview at

Dave Coffman Construction interview

Karl Hermanns,interview

Scott Luttinen, Washington Trust Bank interview

Brian Jackson, Two Degrees interview

Project Line interview

BNBuilders interview

Chameleon Technologies interview

Absher Construction interview

PSBJ event at Safeco Field

Steve Lettic, SAFECALL

Lymphnoma Interview Shoot

Trip to LA

Tad Devine interview

Peter Mullin interview

Roy Woolford interview

Doug and Mary Knoell visit

H. Russell Smith interview

September 2009

David Price interview

Jack Gavin interview

Warren Christopher interview

Chuck Shelton shoot

Stacy Kvam interview

Pharmacy OneSource interview

Brian Paulen, Madrona Solutions Group interview

John Oppenheimer, Columbia Hospitality interview

Jenny Sun interview

Pat and Roy Bates interview

Lemaster Daniels interview in Spokane

Drive to Vancouver

Salomon Stavchansky interview

Patti Payne Voice over for Camp Corey

Jim Sypher, Mass Mutual interview

Griff and Maria get Married interviews

Pacific Market International (PMI) interview

Heritage Bank interview

Jason gets learners permit

Lori and Doug Williams interview

Lee Mercer visit

Joe and Kay Regan interview

Costco Photographer

April Williams interview

Future Foundation shoot

Schwabe Williamson interview

October 2009

John Meisenbach

Gordon Graham interview

Maria and Griffs Wedding

Larry Lehmer APH

Las Vegas reunion with Katch, Bugsy, and Buck,

Fire 20/20 interview

Redmond Fire Chief interview

Delta Society edit

RJ Speaker at Seattle Genealogical Sociey

Uncle Kracker and Train concert

Police Academy Shoot for SAFECALL

Earl Overstreet BCC interview

Lori and Doug Williams testimonial for Stacy

Cathy Crosslin Shoot

Flying Man website


November 2009

Larry Gildersleeve

Angie Lepley – PSBJ interview

Clint Poeschl interview

Virginia Lintott interview


Jeff Dunham concert w Jason

Jan Warren photos

Scott Livingston interview

Jack Singer changes

Delphi changes

Rick Locke shoot

December 2009

Tricia Lipton interview

Jean Hughes interview for Lintott

Georgie interview

Carl and Dee interview

Jimy White snakes and Fiji videos

Shirley and Earl Knott interview

Stacy Kvam video for website

Teresa Moore Ink interview for PSBJ

Michele O’Hara BCC interview

Craig Foreman BCC interview

Nita Petry BCC interview

O’Brien Biography delivered

Gig Harbor—Katie’s parents interview

Lewis Horowitz PSBJ interview

Hunsberger Internment, Tahoma Nat Cemetery

Hunsberger Memorial, Bellevue

Trip to Long Creek for Christmas

My Kids meet birth mom and brother in Baker City, OR

Ron Tate

RJ guest on Storytellers Radio SHow

Eric Suh, MD BCC interview

Kristi Knott VHS to DVD

James Raisbeck Legends of Aviation interview

Moving Day

I wish you all a very Happy 2010.

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