Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nicole Gelpi - Yellow Mountain StoneWorks

Nicole Gelpi - Yellow Mountain StoneWorks

We drove over the West Seattle bridge. It was a beautiful morning. You could see the incredible Seattle skyline to our right. Unbelievable view. We were headed to the West Seattle area to go interview Nicole Gelpi, the VP of Yellow Mountain StoneWorks for a testimonial video we are making for Artitudes Design.

We met Nicole at her office. Her office is like a showroom for some of the most beautiful rocks in the world. She said most of them came from Asia. Nicole did a super interview for Artitudes Design. Nicole was very enthusiastic about her happy relationship with Andrea and Michael and the entire team over at Artitudes Design. She talked about how she could trust them and depend on them to do what they promise.

I asked Nicole if we could also discuss some of her management and leadership philosophies for a new documentary on business leaders of Seattle. She was kind and generous. Nicole is a very strong leader and she works hard to nurture the culture of her organization and her clients. She said that her clients are everything to her. Her goal is to take care of her existing client relationships for life. A client relationship for life is a fantastic vision. For Nicole it is reality.

I was very impressed with Nicole Gelpi. You can learn more about Yellow Mountain StoneWorks at

You can learn more about Artitudes Design at