Sunday, April 19, 2009

Paul Buckman - CEO of Pathway Medical Technologies

I was quite impressed and surprised by the incredible team at Pathway Medical Technologies.  I was there to shoot footage for the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Eastside Business Awards.  Pathway is a pioneer in new technologies that could really have impact on blod clots in the veins of legs.  They showed me some demonstrations of the technology and it made me very optimistic about the future of their devices and technology.

Tony Cheng & Annie Cheng - Netstar Communications - Bellevue Chamber Eastside Business Awards

Annie Cheng                                  Tony Cheng

I drove over to Bellevue's NetStar Communications to shoot footage for the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce's Eastside Business Awards video production.  I was so grateful for the incredible hospitality of Annie Cheng, Tony Cheng, and the entire NetStar team.  They are so enthusiastic about their successful company and the future looks bright.

Christina Brandt - CEO of AtWork!

Christina Brandt -- CEO of AtWork!

We drove over to the new offices of AtWork! as part of our Bellevue Chamber Eastside Business Awards video production.  We met with CEO Christina Brandt and took some great shots of their new facility and team.  

Kevin Goodwin - CEO of Sonosite - Eastside Business Awards

Kevin Goodwin

We drove to Bothell to shoot footage at Sonosite's headquarters for the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce's Eastside Business Awards annual ceremony.  It was my first introduction to Sonosite and their array of products.  I was immediately in awe at the unbelievable potential of their work.  My grandmother died of a broken aorta about fifteen years ago.  At that time it took about six hours to get her to the type of ultrasound equipment that could have diagnosed her situation.   Today with Sonosite's handheld ultrasound equipment, a local EMT or emergency room person could have seen inside my grandmothers body within seconds.  I have tremendous enthusiasm for the potential to save many, many lives with the new Sonosite technology.  Kevin Goodwin and the team at Sonosite have been nominated for Eastside Business of the Year by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.  The winners will be announced at the annual ceremony at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue on April 29th.

Pedro Castro - Magellan Architects - Eastside Business Awards

Pedro Castro

It was a little bit rainy that day I visited Magellan Architects in Redmond.  I was there to shoot some footage of the CEO Pedro Castro and his team of architects.  I was immediately impressed with Mr. Castro.  Pedro is sort of a renaissance man.  His father was a well-known architect in Brazil.  Pedro has a love for art and freedom.  His Magellan Architects have worked on a wide variety of projects from many industries, including education, churches, banks, and high tech.  Pedro described his passion for doing good work and his loyalty to his team.  Pedro is a top notch leader during this challenging times.  His character is true to his team and to others.

David Zook - Tutoring Club - Bellevue Chamber Eastside Business Awards

David Zook is a dedicated teacher.    I drove over to the Tutoring Club in Bellevue WA to shoot video footage for the Bellevue Chamber Eastside Business Awards.  The Tutoring Club is a finalist for this year's Eastside Business Awards.  David Zook is the franchise owner of the Tutoring Club.  I was very impressed with David's committment to helping kids learn.  He told me about his background as an educator and about his hopes for the future.  He told me how he really tries to help kids, whether it be by helping out with the Lego Robotics Competitions or by planting a seed of the potential of being a Nobel Prize winner some day to a teenager.  David Zook is planting seeds in the minds of kids, that someday actually might produce a future Nobel Prize winner.  I really believe he is on to something with that idea. 

Carlos Veliz - PCSI Design - Bellevue Chamber Eastside Business Awards

I really enjoyed my interview and meeting with Carlos Veliz and his team at PCSI Design in Bothell, Washington.  I was there to shoot footage of the PCSI Design team for the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Eastside Business Awards.  PCSI Design is a finalist for the awards to be given out in a large ceremony at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue on April 29th.  I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication of Carlos and his team.  Carlos has built a strong business in designing all kinds of products including work for the aerospace, medical, and assorted other industries.  Carlos talked about the importance of being flexible and listening to your customers, especially in tough economic times.  I liked Carlos' committment to helping kids and mentoring, and his love for baseball.  He is a very active contributor of time and money to numerous kids organizations.    Recently Carlos was awarded the Washington State SBA Minority Small Business Champion of the Year.

Dr. Mark Dedomenico -- CEO of Pro Sports Club

Dr. Mark Dedomenico

I was very impressed during my interview with Dr. Mark Dedomenico.  Mark visited our Green Screen studio to be interviewed for my new documentary, "CEOs of Seattle."  Mark talked about his beginnings as a graduate of the St. Louis University Medical School and how a paper he once wrote helped trigger the evolution of the medical procedure known as the Coronary Bypass Surgery.  I could tell by meeting Mark that he is a visionary, a thinking-man, who is dedicated to changing the world.  Mark has dedicated his life to overcoming the challenge of obesity.  Mark is a former cardiovascular surgeon and the co-founder of the Hope Heart Institute in Seattle.  Then Mark talked about how he became the CEO of the worlds largest health club, Pro Sports Club, in Redmond, WA.   I learned alot during my interview with Mark.  He is a great role model about how a person's total focus can make a difference.   I remember how my father had a bypass back in the 1980s.   Maybe my father lived another day because of Mark Dedomenico.  Maybe a lot of people will live longer due to the due dilligence of Mark. Then we talked about his love of horses and his Pegasus Equine Rehabilitation Center.  Mark has started one of the world's premier centers for the rehabilitation and training of horses.  Mark definitely is a multi-faceted person.  He believes in excellence in everything he does.  Thanks Mark for letting me interview you for my documentary film.