Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ashton Palmer - "CEOs of Seattle" documentary

                    Ashton Palmer

Ashton Palmer is the CEO and founder of Expedition Trips.
His company specializes in vacations and trips to places
like Antarctica.  I really enjoyed meeting Ashton and hearing
his remarkable stories about how he started his business
and his very smart philosophies about running his business.
Thanks Ashton for all our help with our "CEOs of SEattle"
documentary project.  You can learn more about Ashton

Pat and Roy Bates Movie Trailer

Pat and Roy Bates Movie Trailer

Here is a short sample from the Video Biography we are creating for Roy and Pat Bates.  They are the parents of Barbie and Mike Seifert of Seattle.

Puget Sound Security video

Puget Sound Security Video

We really enjoyed working with Jeff Kirby and the team over at Puget Sound Security to put together this video.  Thanks also goes to Patti Payne for doing the Voice over.

Here is the video:

Linda Kay Porlier - Author, Voice Over Talent, Speaker

                   Linda Kay Porlier

I first met Linda Kay Porlier a little over three years ago at a Breakfast meeting at the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.  Since then we have done several projects together and become great friends.  Linda Kay is one of the most inspiring and kind people I have met.  She always goes out of her way to help others.  She is an author, a very sought after speaker, and now she is going into the Voice Over business.  We helped produce her audio book last year, so we know that she has a soothing, very unique voice.    Today Linda Kay came to our Inventive Productions studios to do her interview for her video biography.   It was a great experience to hear her life story in her own words.   To learn more about Linda Kay, go to  

Kathryn Flynn - Cooking for Fertility DVD interview

                 Kathryn Flynn

Kathryn Flynn, the dynamic author of a new cookbook
about cooking for fertility, came over to Inventive Productions
studios to do some insert shots for her new Cooking for Fertility
DVD, which we are making for her and co-expert Tiffany Pollard.
Kathryn brought in several samples of her interesting and
cheerful teas.  We are in the final post-productions tasks for
the DVD project.  Kathryn did a super job today with the interviews
and insert shots and explaining the benefits of her teas.

Christian Chabot - "CEOs of Seattle" interview

    Christian Chabot

I was extremely impressed and energized by my interview Christian Chabot.  Christian was here to be interviewed for our "CEOs of Seattle" documentary.  He is the CEO and co-founder of Tableau Software.  Christian was educated in England, and then earned an MBA at Stanford University.  He is a pubished-author of a business bestseller, a very  sought-after keynote speaker,  and a true inspiration to me.  He has been involved with startups and venture capital companies and several high tech companies.  I think Christian gave one of the best interviews for our documentary so far.  Thank you Christian for all your help.

Chris Pappas Interview

                    Chris Pappas

We are finishing up the video biography of Bob and Jackie
Pappas and felt it would be very important to include their
children in the movie.  We got interviews with the other
two children a while back, but this past week  we finally
got our interview with Chris Pappas, and it was a great
experience.  You could tell that Chris was very proud of 
his parents and proud to be a Pappas.  I was extremely
impressed with all the kids of Bob and Jackie.  They are
such a positive, enthusiastic, and can-do attitude family.

Barbara and Bob Balkema Video Biography

        Bob and Barbara Balkema

We are proud to be producing the Video Biography of 
Bob and Barbara Balkema.  This is a the very inspiring
story of two people who really care for each other.
Bob and Barbara might seem young to make their video
biography, but in actuality they are the perfect age.
They can tell their story while they can remember it,
while they are still living it.  They plan to update their 
video biography every five years or so.

Rick Peterson Interview

                      Rick Peterson

We are making a video biography of the Life and Times of Michael O'Brien of Everett.  Not too long ago Michael O'Brien was the proprietor of one of the longest lasting Ford dealerships in the Northwest, in Downtown Seattle.  Commissed by his son Scott O'Brien, we did a great interview with Mike.  Now we are interviewing some of his long time friends and family.  Rick is Mike's good friend and brother-in-law.  Thanks Rick for letting us interview you for Mike's video biography.

Eastside Heritage Center shoot

                 Heather Trescases

Eastside Heritage Center - interview shoot

Intern Bond Debol met me over at Ross McIvor's office so we could shoot several interviews for the fundraising video for the Eastside Heritage Center.  I first met Ross over three years ago at one of our Inventive Productions open house parties.  Ross had told me all about his passion, the Eastside Heritage Center.  This is very interesting to me because the EHC is really a museum without a museum.  The EHC was formed upon the merger of the Bellevue Historical Society and the Marymoor Museum of Eastside History.  Due to budget cuts the Marymoor Museum was forced to leave its home at the Clise Mansion at Marymoor.  The big problem with this is that they have a collection of over 30,000 artifacts that had to find a home.  Today these artifacts are stuck in some storage facility until they can find a new museum location.  This breaks my heart to think of great artifacts locked up somewhere  where kids  and patrons cannot see them, where they could be getting hurt by the lack of proper storage.  We decided to create a fundraising video for their upcoming dinner this March.  I have been extremely impressed with the passion and dedication of the EHC team.  This includeds Ross who is the President of the Board of Trustees, and Heather Trescases, the Director of the EHC.  To learn more about the Eastside Heritage Center, go to 

Stan Selden - "CEOs of Seattle" documentary interview

                               Stan Selden

I first met Stan Selden over the telephone last fall.   I had read an article that said his family business Selden Furniture in Fife had been in business over 50 years, so I wrote Stan a letter to see if he would be interested in getting a video history made about his company.  Stan responded to my letter, saying that in fact he was working on a book about the history of his family business.
Last week we called Stan to see if he would let us interview him for the documentary "CEOs of Seattle" and he said "Sure!"

Stan is a great guy with tremendous vitality for life.  We talked about the secrets to his success, his mentors over the years, and his advice for young people.  Thanks, Stan, for taking the time to visit our Inventive Productions studios and to let me interview you for our documentary.