Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Interview with Angie Lepley - Tangerine Travel

Angie Lepley - Tangerine Travel

Jan 30, 2009--"CEO's of Seattle Documentary" Interview

I really was impressed with the incredible interview with Angie Lepley from Tangerine Travel.  Angie was kind enough to allow us to interview her for our new documentary "CEO's of Seattle."  Angie is super enthusiastic and a great optimist about her company and the future of travel.  Her company has had tremendous success because of her talented team and the leadership of Angie.  Angie has been in the travel business for a long time, and she has learned the importance of creating an awesome experience for her clients.  She really inspired me with her honest talk about integrity and the importance of treating people right.  Angie and her Tangerine Travel has been chosen as one of only a handful of official representatives for Richard Branson's Virgin Gallactica, where you can actually buy a ticket to go on a space ship.    I plan to start using Angie and her team for all our travel needs in the future.  She talked about the great new offices her company has, with a spa atmosphere.  I can't wait to see it in person.

Amy McIntosh (Frankie Jordan) on American Idol

Frankie Jordan (Amy McIntosh) on American Idol!

It was about ten o'clock local time that I received a call from my youngest brother Charlie McHatton from Portland.  He said that Amy McIntosh, the woman we who we did her wedding video about a year ago, was just on "American Idol" on television.  I said "no way!"  He said "yes, it's true," he just watched it.  I went online and sure, enough, it was true that Amy McIntosh had tried out at the Salt Lake City auditions for American Idol and she had done great.  It was a remarkable story because just a month or so ago her husband Dion had won $50,000 on a TV show called "Rediscovered."  I always knew that Dion and Amy were very special people.  It was a little over a year ago that Tyler and Charlie and I had travelled down to Dana Point, California to shoot Amy and Dion's beautiful wedding.  They are really cool people.  I wish them the very best.

Bellevue Chamber - After Hours event - Lincoln Square Cinemas

Jan 28, 2009

Bill Maxwell and I had a super time at the Bellevue Chamber After Hours party at the Lincoln Square Cinemas.  They had blackjack tables in the lobby and lots of great food and some wine and beer, too.  It was great to re-connect with lots of our friends at the Chamber.   I ran into Bob and Jackie Pappas as they were leaving the theater.  We are almost finished with their video biography.   They had just finished seeing "The Wrestler" with Mickey O'Rourke.  I met a lot of new people at this event.  Valerie from the Chamber was awesome in keeping everyone enthusiastic and happy during this fun event.  They gave out a lot of cool door prizes.  Bill Maxwell won two free movie tickets to the Lincoln Square Cinemas, and he gave them to me.  

Thomas Barghausen - "CEOs of Seattle" documentary project

Thomas Barghausen - CEO of Seattle

I really enjoyed my interview with Thomas Barghausen for my documentary "CEOs of Seattle."

Tom is the CEO of Barghausen Consulting Engineers of Kent, WA.  His firm is one of the fastest growing engineering firms on the west coast.