Sunday, June 28, 2009

LeRoy Nosbaum -- CEO & Chairman of Itron

LeRoy Nosbaum -- CEO & Chairman of Itron

It was a beautiful day as we drove through Spokane, Washington on our way to Liberty Lakes. We were looking for the Headquarters to Iron, the world's leading producer of electronic meters used by the utilities industries. We had an appointment to interview Chairman of the Board, LeRoy Nosbaum, for our new documentary "CEOs of Seattle."

LeRoy and his team were very hospitable to myself and my crew. The interview went well.

LeRoy was very inspiring in his committment to excellence and his focus on doing the right thing. He told me about the importance of working hard for his investors, his employees, and his customers. LeRoy is a top notch leader who has successfully moved his company into huge positive growth over the years. I learned alot during my interview with LeRoy Nosbaum.

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